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Career Link Southwest is an ongoing endeavor to initiate a bond between employers and clients, ultimately strengthening the ties within Arizona communities by providing the best employees into the appropriate work environment with employers who need them.

About Us

Career Link Southwest, LLC is a contractor to the State of Arizona Department of Economic Security Vocational Rehabilitation program. As a vendor, we actively partner with our qualified Clients to link them to Prospective Employers, striving for long term employment. We develop solid relationships with employers in order to enhance the local work force with employees who deserve a chance as responsible, productive individuals.

Established in 2002, CareerLink Northwest served 5 counties in the Pacific Northwest successfully for 13 years before heading south permanently.

CareerLink Southwest is proud to be providing services throughout Arizona since 2011, continuing the core belief that everyone has something to contribute.

Professional Services

Resume/Cover Letter Development

We pride ourselves in assisting with the highest quality “attention getting” resumes possible.  We also consider employer expectations when creating cover letters that get your point across without the yawn factor.

Self Presentation & Interview Preparation

From appropriate dress, mindset and tone, and relevant situational questions to being able to respond without pause, having the ability to hold the right conversation with the interviewer, that is our goal here.

Job Coaching & Skills Training

As appropriate, we collaborate with employers to assist our clients in being their absolute best at their job.  This includes on the job coaching when appropriate and enabling the client to find purpose and pride in their roles.

Employment Retention and Support

We provide ongoing support for the length of a 90-day probationary period.  We are all about working through all issues with employers, coworkers and helping our clients stay motivated while mastering their job.

Exploration &
Job Match

We take what we know about the job market and employers, what we learn about our clients and put it all together in a well laid out step by step plan, keeping long-term growth in mind at all times.

Reverse Recruitment / Employer Resource

We stand by our clients, and their abilities in the right environment.   We are proud to be a go-to for many employers in Southern Arizona.  If we do not know an employer, you can bet we soon will.

Job Search Navigation & Applications Assistance

Using all resources available and technology such as Zoom or Google Hangouts, we collaborate with all clients to ensure all processes are both understood and properly completed.  This also includes onboarding.

Networking & Employer Outreach

We Love to meet new people and new employers!   We enjoy building solid working relationships with all industries, and we learn a lot along the way.

Effective Problem-Solving Practices & Mediation

Maintaining employment can be a challenge at times, and we are all different.  Whether problems arise due to negative feedback, or just a need to improve along the way, we are problem solvers and work collaboratively with the employers and employees for the most realistic and successful outcomes.

Private Pay Services Boutique

Our services are all available at affordable rates. Please contact us for more information.

Professional Resources

We're Here to help


Life isn’t always easy. There is a lot of problem solving, work, balancing home life, hobbies and activities, family and more. Each category has its own rules, expectations or challenges.

At CareerLink, we do our best to help in any way possible. We do not have all the answers, no one does. As a community, there are a lot of people at work to help us with all of the issues we encounter. Here are just a few.

Please feel free to tell us who has been helpful to you, we will check them out too!

IMG_0288 Deb
Deborah Winn
Deb started CareerLink Southwest in Tucson in 2004. As an extension of CareerLink Northwest, she worked through a federal grant for 4 years, successfully assisting those hoping for a 2nd chance at employment and a productive life. In 2015, CareerLink Southwest became a contractor to the state of Arizona and has been successfully serving Southern Arizona since. Deborah has been married 25 years, has 2 amazing kids, (young adults now), 2 dogs, 2 cats, a desert tortoise name Walita and enjoys gardening.
IMG_0300 Mom
Barbara Richardson
Employer Outreach & Retention
Barb brings 18 years of experience as a Talent Placement and Retention Specialist, she knows people. Barb is a go-getter and is not afraid to take on the most difficult of challenges. She began her career in Oregon, creating CareerLink Northwest, working in 5 counties successfully assisting people with reaching their employment goals. Our company’s founder, Barb joined us in Southern Arizona in 2016, to be closer to family and continues to thrive in her role.
IMG_0257 Ann
Ann Santos
Employer Outreach & Retention
Ann joined CareerLink Southwest in 2019. Ann has worked with individuals with disabilities for 25 years, and 4 years now in employment services. She is also a certified head coach for the Southern Arizona Special Olympics and can’t wait to get back to it. Ann recently married, growing her family to 5 children and 2 grandchildren. Ann enjoys spending time with her family and enjoys playing with her 2 dogs and ferret, who also assists in advocating for homeless pets.
IMG_0296 Resa
Teresa Johnson
Office Coordinator & Support Specialist
Teresa joined CareerLink Southwest in 2015 and has become the glue that binds the office. She is our numbers gal and is very detail oriented. She is always smiling and ready to help. Teresa and her husband love spending time with family and especially their young grandchildren. Teresa is passionate about gardening and spends every available moment creating her own personal paradise.

We are available in person by appointment only but you may contact us 7 days per week via email or phone.


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